JAMES ROBERTS  Owner/Chef  ::  james@toutantbuffalo.com

James Roberts was raised amidst Louisiana’s coastal shrimping and fishing community, and began cooking in restaurants at a young age. Over the course of his early career, he discovered a passion for the food, the kitchen brigade system, and great service. Roberts traveled the country, augmenting his training, honing his skill set, learning different regional cuisines, and developing a strong management style, ultimately earning a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University and graduating at the top of his class.

In 2007, the young chef relocated to Buffalo as executive chef for an esteemed country club. He fell in love with WNY, its people, and its farms. During his time here, Roberts has been recognized for his remarkable mentoring and leadership skills, with dozens of his young staff members finding achievement locally and worldwide. 

After twenty successful years in the industry, Roberts looks forward to the opportunity to fully realize all that he has worked for by opening Toutant. Here, his cooking abilities, culinary vision, and commitment to excellent service can be utilized to their potential. His love of the region and the city of Buffalo makes Toutant the ideal place for his lifelong goal to be realized.

CONNIE ROBERTS  Owner/Marketing & Design  ::  connie@toutantbuffalo.com

Connie Roberts, owner and creator of the Toutant brand identity and marketing collateral, was raised in Rochester, NY and has always had an eye for fine detail. A bachelor’s degree in fine arts and years of marketing coordination and graphic design experience has given her a varied cache of expertise with which to bring the Toutant vision to life. Her style is simple and modern, unassuming and clean. Connie’s concentration on fluid design with coherence is felt uniformly throughout the project’s many facets.  

Connie’s mastery of color palettes has also aided in the assistance of the design plan for Toutant. Her style touches and colorful interjections can be found throughout the L2K based interior design. The lighting scheme and wall adornments of Toutant’s dining areas welcome guests with her comfortable yet thoughtful inspiration. Connie is also responsible for the restaurant’s online presence, menu layout design, and internal marketing.

Toutant would be nothing without the support and dedication of this extremely talented designer, loving mother, and devoted wife.  


JOSEPH FENUSH  Chef de Cuisine  ::  joseph@toutantbuffalo.com

Joseph Fenush was born, raised, and educated in Western New York. Having worked previously with chef James Roberts at The Park Country Club, Fenush went on to spend time in kitchens in Southwest Florida, Houston, Tulsa, and most recently, the award-winning Volt restaurant group in the Washington DC area. His goal as Toutant's Chef De Cuisine is to create an environment that engenders continued education for himself and the rest of the Toutant staff, and to continue to enjoy his lifestyle as a cook and student of the craft. Through success at Toutant and elsewhere in his career, Fenush hopes to find increased opportunities to utilize his philanthropic nature, as well as to contribute in a notable manner to the rise of his hometown.


A central Mississippi transplant, Donald "Russ" Whitfield, has called Buffalo home since 2009. His excitement and belief in the Toutant mission is complimented by his desire to constantly better himself as a culinary professional and team player, while driving his peers to do the same. As a young man, Russ discovered the professional kitchen and hasn't looked back. His early culinary career has provided him with many educational opportunities to experience different culinary styles and restaurants of all calibers, honing his craft and furthering his understanding of kitchen culture and teamwork. His personable demeanor, intense work ethic, attention to detail and his desire for excellence makes him an ideal model for his peer management and production role as Toutant’s sous chef.


JESSICA RAILEY  Dining Manager::  jessica@toutantbuffalo.com

Jessica is from Long Island, NY, but Buffalo is home now. She has been honing not only her front of the house skills for over 6 years, but her leadership style as well. Staff growth, education and high levels of expectation are at the core of what she believes and practices. On top of managing day-to-day operations and maintaining high levels of hospitality and humble service at Toutant for the past two years, she decided to expand her own education into the world of wine. In May 2017, she became a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, and is passing along all of her knowledge to the staff and guests as much as possible. Being at the forefront of Buffalo's burgeoning restaurant landscape is what drives her, and her goal is to make sure guests always leave satiated and smiling.

JEFF YANNUZZI  Beverage Manager  ::  jeff@toutantbuffalo.com

Jeff grew up in a small town in upstate New York and worked in restaurants in Syracuse, Rochester, New York, and Buffalo. With a degree in history and a Masters in Social Studies Education, his skills as an educator allow him to encourage growth among his co-workers. In Buffalo, Jeff has worked at several fine dining restaurants and helped create the bar program at Mes Que after tending bar at Mike A @Hotel Lafayette (now Bourbon & Butter) beside the accomplished barman, Tony Rials. Combined, these experiences have offered Jeff invaluable opportunities to work alongside talented individuals who have helped him to better understand quality service on all fronts. As the Beverage Manager at Toutant, Jeff plans to use the sum of his experiences to create a warm, welcoming environment that celebrates the community of Buffalo, a place he now considers home.